The Complete Lodge Secretary computer program has been in use for over twenty years and is kept up to date with changes to the rules from the Book of Constitutions and from Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft.  The program has also been adapted over time to run on ten versions of Windows from Version 3.1 in 1993 to Windows 10 in 2016.

The permission obtained from UGLE Board of General Purposes in 2011, by Lodge Software, for Lodge Secretaries to download their Lodge data from the Grand Lodge’s ADelphi data base for use in TCLS  program is no longer available, at present, from ADelphi 2.


Whilst this is disappointing, it is still possible for TCLS users to have most of their Lodge data, including names, addresses, DOB, Initiation, Passing and Raising, Joining and Leaving details of their Lodge members and past members imported into The Complete Lodge Secretary program, provided that their data is available on a Spreadsheet. 

Lodge Software developed a tool that mapped ADelphi data, encrypted it and imported it into The Complete Lodge Secretary program.  This tool has now been adapted to import a Lodge’s own data from an Excel spreadsheet into the TCLS program. A nominal charge of £20 will apply for this service provided that data is clean*1 and entered onto an Excel Template that we will provide.  The columns on the template reflect the format of data held by Grand Lodge. This would enable new users to commence using the program, charged with their Lodge data, immediately.

(*1 Clean = data all in correct columns i.e. Surnames, Postcodes, Counties, Towns etc. and maximum number of Members up to 80 (for £20 charge). If data not clean or numbers greater than 80, an estimate will be provided. There will be no charge at all for data services without prior agreement - i.e. if unsuitable data or rate not agreed, any monies paid for data services will be refunded).  

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