The following files are available for downloading.  In due course, Questions and Answers to regularly raised issues will be added to the list.

The TCLS Installation program
The TCLSInstaller.exe should be run as Administrator mode and requires a product code to activate the program. Installation instructions specific to each version of Windows will be sent as an accompaniment to the Installation file.
Windows program file [18.9 MB]
Update Rules and Guidance Notes
This executable file updates the Book of Constitutions Rules and Information for the Guidance of the Members of the Craft to September 2017. The FILRLInstaller2017.exe needs to be Run as Administrator
Windows program file [364.4 KB]
TCLS Getting Started Guide
A guide to assist the new user in the installation of the program. It also gives guidance on the order and method of commencing the data input. Contact Lodge Software if you need a version for other than Windows 10.
GSG Nov 2018 Booklet.doc.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.5 MB]
TCLS PowerPoint Presentation with Text Narrative
The PowerPoint show demonstrates about half of The Complete Lodge Secretary's 140 screens. The Narrative gives further information on the screens
TCLSDemo and Narrative.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [27.8 MB]
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