The Complete Lodge Secretary book is NOT a Computer Program Manual.  It is handbook that recognises the fundamental attributes required of every Lodge Secretary and considers how computer and communication technologies impact on the Secretary’s traditional role.

The smooth running and well-being of a Lodge largely depends upon its Secretary. This book has been written to assist the Lodge Secretary in fulfilling his role in the 21st Century.


It deals with activities undertaken by the Lodge Secretary from accepting the office to handing over to his successor.  It identifies all the information that passes through the Secretary’s hands and how it should be managed. 


This Book addresses the information and action required by the Secretary in respect of:-

  • taking on the role of Secretary                                
  • admitting new members to the Lodge
  • preparation for and activities during Meetings and Ceremonies   
  • Brethren departing from Lodge Membership
  • interaction with the Master and other Lodge Officers
  • the impact and use of new technologies
  • involvement with Provincial, Metropolitan and Grand Lodge.      
  • passing on the role of Secretary

Checklists of relevant activities are included as appropriate. The general principles in this practical guide also hold good for the other Orders beyond the Craft, with only minor and contextual modifications. 

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