Main Advantages and Key Features

Centralising and holding all Lodge data 

]  Ensuring single data entry of all membership and Lodge information

Producing reports and information when and where   required.

Providing continuity - by making all Lodge management information and history immediately accessible at     handover or the event of illness or death.

Embodying the Book of Constitutions Rules and Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft.*1

Having full text of Rules and Guidance 'at the touch of a button' adjacent to each relevant administrative or ceremonial activity within the program.

Affording dynamic guidance through management and administrative procedures.

Enabling download of data from Grand Lodge at commencement of program use. *2

Allowing Secretaries to update and correct their information by comparing their data with that held by Grand Lodge.

Being jargon free and allowing movement around the program graphically.

Making on-line help and support available


*1   Extracts from the Book of Constitutions are reproduced by kind permission of the Board of General Purposes of the United Grand Lodge of England.  The manner in which they are applied is the sole responsibility of Lodge Software.

  *2  The facility to download a Lodge's data from the Grand Lodge ADelphi data base was approved by The Board of General Purposes of UGLE. At present this facility is NOT available due to ongoing issues with ADelphi 2.  When the report is restored to ADelphi, the download process will be executed via each Metropolitan or Provincial Grand Lodge whose prior agreement and co-operation is required.  Lodge Software cannot guarantee that this co-operation will be provided.

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